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"My sessions with Fiona have been a lifeline to me over the last few months. I have become a lot less anxious and feel more comfortable in my own skin. She is warm and I feel I can say anything to her without her thinking any worse of me. I am very grateful for all her hard work and patience."


“I have been seeing Fiona for the past year following the sad loss of my wonderful husband and best friend. During our weekly sessions, Fiona provides me with great guidance, coping methods and a place where I can truly and openly talk about my feelings without being judged. The support and compassion Fiona is providing me with, during what is the most difficult time of my life, is invaluable and a great comfort.“


"Fiona is an insightful and sensitive counsellor who has helped me start to see things differently to the way I saw things before our sessions. She has gently encouraged me to be less hard on myself and to take my own self-care into consideration, rather than just putting all my efforts into looking after my young family"

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